DO Almansa

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The economic value of DO Almansa grew by 18% in 2019

Denomination of Origin Almansa closes the calendar year of commercialization in 2019 with an increase of 18% in its economic value with respect to the same period of the previous year, reaching 12.36 million euros. In addition, the total volume of wine sold was that of 41,950 hl, 17% more than in 2018.


Environmental conditions of D.O. Almansa

Located in the east portion of the Castile-La Mancha province of Albacete is the Designation of Origen Almansa, on a high plateau positioned between the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Murcia. This curious territorial location makes the climate in the area take on eastern and La Mancha features, and incorporates them into the ageing of …

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