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Alpera, an excellent commitment for organic wines and garnacha tintorera in DO Almansa

Alpera, located between Almansa and Higueruela, is not only a must for lovers of history in the Cueva de la Vieja: it´s a reference point for the quality of its wines and production area within our Designation of Origin Almansa.

With the height of its vineyards with respect to sea level as one of the most outstanding characteristics of the production area in Alpera (between 900 and 1000 metres, with some areas exceeding this peak), it is its commitment to organic wine that already accounts for 60% of the production of its vineyards.

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The predominant type of grape in the area is the Garnacha Tintorera, a native grape and the most representative of the DO Almansa with 90% of the total. On the other hand, it is important to point out that in the last few years the commitment to other varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Syrah and a part of Monastrell and their perfect adaptation to the soil and climate of this area.

garnacha tintorera alpera
Garnacha Tintorera is the most important grape in Alpera.

As far as the soil is concerned, they are very sandy and clayey, coinciding with the highest areas of Alpera, where a greater concentration of colour is achieved. On the other hand, the areas with limestone soils, which are less productive, are also important in Alpera and it is here that a greater degree is achieved.

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The contrast of temperatures between day and night, especially in the last half of August and the first half of September, means that the grapes reach their optimum harvesting time. With all this, the vineyards of the town bring together some unique ingredients to produce wines that are unique in Alpera.

José Joaquín Fernández Navajas, president of one of the wineries in the Alpera, stressed that the future of the town lies in “continuing to work as we have done up to now with DO Almansa, especially with regard to quality and low production”, focusing efforts on “improving our production of organic wine and caring for the Garnacha Tintorera”.

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