Viticulture around Almansa has developed continuously since the sixteenth century. This wine region, located about 700 m above sea level, is the easternmost of Castilla-La Mancha.


D.O. Almansa, was founded in 1966. At that time there were quite a number of wineries that for various reasons were disappearing, leaving the wine growing area in the hands of a few wineries and cooperatives.


During the recent years many new vineyards and wineries have been established, creating a resurgence of high quality wines from this privileged area.


Currently wines are made with varieties of national and indigenous grapes being bottled and exported to more than 20 countries, all the way to Japan and the United States.

Native grapes: Grenache Tintorera y Monastrell


The Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell are two local grape varieties, important for the production of wines of the DO Almansa. The arrival of grapes from other regions such as Syrah, have also shown a perfect acclimatization and capacity of adaptation.

The Garnacha Tintorera has become a symbol for the DO Almansa, representing the authenticness and uniqueness of our area.

New technologies to increase the wine quality


Technology and research has always been important in DO Almansa, to improve the quality of our wines even more. Thanks to new production technologies, added to the know-how of the winemakers and vine growers we produce excellent red, rosé and white wines.

Continuous development and new types of wine


The continuous concern for quality, progress and improvements, make the wineries grouped by DO Almansa invest in research and development to improve and enhance their production techniques. It is also important to continuously adapt the wines to consumer tastes and demands, with the consequent production changes.

Some wineries have spent years developing and refining their production techniques of sparkling wine, with excellent results.

We are in the process of applying for sparkling wines being included in the strict criteria of quality wines from the Denomination of Origin Almansa.