The Mission of the Control Board

The purpose of the Producers’ Association is the representation, defence, guarantee, research, development and promotion of the products described in the production standard.

The Association of wine producers with the designation of origin Almansa, is a non-profit entity, which is constituted and governed under the provisions of the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March, regulating the right of association and the Royal Decree 1270/2003.

Membership of the Association is open to all natural or legal persons who are owners of vineyards located in the area within the scope of action and in possession of the Register of Agricultural Industries and who produce wine with grapes from the area of influence of this association and/or store wine produced by wineries in the area of influence. They can make their request in writing to the President.

Governing Board

The Governing Board of the D.O. Almansa is made up of the following members:

Presidente Adolfo Cano

Adolfo Cano


Hello everybody!

My name is Adolfo Cano and I have been president of Denominación de Origen Almansa for more than 4 years.

Something of which I feel very proud, because the fact of being able to represent the wines of my region around the world is a great challenge for me, both professionally and personally.

Our wines are in fashion in Spain and beyond our borders, and I’m not just saying that because I’m the president of DO Almansa. This is justified by the almost 7 million bottles that left our wineries this past 2020 to more than 20 countries around the world.

In the DO Almansa we are fortunate to have a unique grape variety: the “garnacha tintorera”, which together with our fantastic climate and altitude makes our wines unique in the world.

This intense cherry red grape fills our fields with life and creates wealth in our 7 municipalities, generating work for the 760 winegrowers who live directly from it.

Our region is not only bathed in vineyards, but also in a great cultural, scenic and gastronomic heritage that we will make known through the recently created wine route.

And I am sure that with the work and effort of all the wineries, town councils, hoteliers and professionals in the tourism sector we will bring forward the new Almansa Wine Route, which will bring success and recognition for our entire region.

For all these reasons I encourage all of you to promote the wines of our DO Almansa all over the world.

Adolfo Cano

Los objetivos de Consejo Regulador de la D.O. Almansa

  • To watch over the prestige and promotion of the “Almansa” Designation of Origin and to denounce any incorrect use of the same before the competent administrative bodies.
  • Research production and marketing systems and disseminate their knowledge and application.
  • To draw up and propose the rules of production of the Designation of Origin, as well as any possible modifications.