UVA Garnacha Tintorera

The Garnacha Tintorera

The autochthonous grape of our DO Almansa

The Garnacha Tintorera is the queen grape variety in the production area of our Almansa Denomination of Origin.

With characteristics marked by the geographical particularity of our geographical area, located between La Mancha and Levante, this grape reaches its maximum splendour in our production area.

vinedos garnacha tintorera do almansa

The main difference of the Garnacha Tintorera appears at first sight. Thus, the colour of its skin, which at the same time is the same dark shade as the flesh of the grape, stands out.

For this reason, the wines made from Garnacha Tintorera have one of their main characteristics in the colour, with a dark cherry red colour that serves as a prelude to the intensity of the flavour of Garnacha Tintorera.

Garnacha Tintorera is the only variety in Spain and one of the very few that exist in the world, which is red in its interior and with which a much superior colour can be achieved in wines compared to other varieties.

The altitude of our DO Almansa, fundamental for Garnacha Tintorera to shine at its maximum expression.

Vid Garnacha Tintorera

The Garnacha Tintorera is a grape that is widely distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, with a greater presence in the provinces of Albacete and Ourense. It is a very fertile variety, which generally produces large harvests.

They have a late ripening, with climatological needs of hours of sunshine. Its location in the territory of the Denomination of Origin Almansa, makes its harvest in the summer months is powerful and favors its development, due to the large number of hours of sunshine with which the area has.

How to pair DO Almansa wines with Garnacha Tintorera?

The wines that come from the Garnacha Tintorera have ample pairing possibilities with all kinds of red meats, whether grilled, fried or roasted. Sausages and semi-cured cheeses also make this grape a perfect tandem with its wines. And of course, they can also be enjoyed on their own.

The Garnacha Tintorera is, in short, a grape with very different characteristics, which interests wine lovers for the freshness and variety of its wines, which is why in recent years its use and planting has become so popular.

The Garnacha Tintorera has a multitude of qualities that can give rise to a surprising final product.

Our grapes are grown in poor soils with low yields, which results in red wines that achieve impressive strength and expression, with very lively, powerful, full and fresh fruit aromas in the mouth and a marked palate with a fat, sensual tannin.

The colour, of course, is intense, with an impenetrable layer that ranges from purple-violet in the young wines to the dark cherry tones of the aged wines.

The Garnacha Tintorera has a large amount of polyphenols, a substance that is very beneficial to health. It is a wine that ages well. Its acidity matches very well with its fruity aroma. Its taste is very peculiar and usually delights all those who try it.