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DO Almansa very present in the town’s Main Festivals

The town of Almansa celebrated between 30 April and 6 May, the Fiestas Mayores (Main Festivals) in honour of its Patron Saint, the Virgin de Belén. These celebrations, which were declared in 1999 of Regional Tourist Interest, and of National Tourist Interest in 2008, are made up of a great number of acts, which give their nature to one of the most intense and special municipal festivals in Spain.

Among them, the Homenaje al Almaseño Ausente, celebrated on 30 April in the gardens of the Town Hall. In this act, presided by the city’s Municipal and Festival Authorities, a reception tribute was held for the people of Almansa who are away from home and visit during the celebration days. For the event this year, DO Almansa offered a “tribute wine” to all the attendees who gathered there. It is an act full of emotion, encounters, stories and great wine. For DO Almansa, it was an honour to form part, not only of a unique and emotional event, but also their contribution with their wines to make the Main Festivals of Almansa even greater if possible.

During the intense week of the Main Festivals, the people of Almansa demonstrate their commitment to this incomparable tradition, through activities and acts. From the “General ringing of the bells” that along with the lighting of the first tracas (fireworks) by the Festival Queens, give way to the acts, to the Señora de Belén Main Procession, closing ceremony celebration. Both residents and visitors, enjoy the good work of Almansa’s people. But undoubtedly, the peak moment was between 1 and 3 May, with the Moors and Christians parade and, above all, the Nocturnal Moorish Parade that was lived with great interest and whose celebration was key in the festivities being declared of National Tourist Interest. With the Santa Maria Square and the Castle as an amazing background frame, this representation of the city’s Reconquest transforms Almansa into a magical place, thanks to the use of special effects, fireworks, light and sound.

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