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The Garnacha Tintorera grape

Among all the grape varieties that are cultivated in the terrains that comprise the Designation of Origen of Almansa, there is one that stands out for its curious characteristics: the Garnacha tintorera.

It is well known by wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs that the characteristic red colour of many types of wine comes from the colour of the skin, and that however dark it is on the outside, grapes generally have a light colour pulp not much different than Muscat type grapes. In the Garnacha Tintorera’s case, it’s different, the colour of its pulp is a dark tone, just like its skin. This interesting feature makes the wines resulting from the use of this type of grape have a very attractive colour intensity. Its dark colour, a strong cherry red, perfectly coordinates with the intensity of its flavour, with hints of olive and black pepper, dark chocolate and a delicious red and ripe black fruits finish.

Garnacha Tintorera wines have a wide scope of pairing possibilities, with all types of red meats, either grilled, fried or roasted. Sausages and semi-hard cheeses also make a perfect tandem with this type of wine, which can also be enjoyed by itself. Tintorera Garnacha is a grape that is widely distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, having a greater presence in the provinces of Albacete and Ourense, and lesser, but still important, in areas of Alicante, Huesca, Pontevedra and Valencia. It is a very fertile variety, which generally produces large crops. They have a late ripening, with climate needs of hours of sunlight. Its location in the territory of the D.O. Almansa, makes for a potent harvest in the summer months and favours their development due to the large number of sunlight hours the area has.

Ultimately, the Garnacha Tintorera is a grape with very distinctive characteristics, which wine enthusiasts find interesting due to its freshness and wine varieties.

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