do almansa en ribeira sacra

DO Almansa took part in the CECRV XXIV General Assembly in Ribeira Sacra

Denomination of Origin Almansa attended one of the most significant events in the Spanish wine industry, a big gathering which attracted more than 50 DO’s from all over Spain in truly iconic surroundings.

adolfo cano y rosana trujillo en ribeira sacra

The DO Almansa governing board were present, from October 24 to 26, at the CECRV (Wine Regulatory Council Spanish Conference) XXIV General Assembly, held at the magical environments of Monforte de Lemos (Lugo), heartland of the DO Ribeira Sacra. President Adolfo Cano hailed this experience as very positive, “affirming our commitment to the CECRV and giving us firsthand knowledge of the challenges we must face”.

do almansa en ribeira sacra

The meeting was called on occasion of the new appointments in the CECRV management, with President David Palacios reelected for another four-year term, along with 12 other DO’s that shape the governing panel. Besides, the group backed unanimously the Ribeira Sacra bid to achieve UNESCO World Heritage status.

do almansa en ribeira sacra 2

Many of the issues revolving the wine industry, such as Brexit and the new tariffs on EU wines imposed by the USA government, were discussed at this event.

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