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DO Almansa expects a succesful harvest season

A new harvest season for all the wineries included in the Denomination of Origin Almansa commences in September, in the wake of the cold drop that affected most of the province of Albacete, especially the Almansa area. But after all, and despite the torrential rain, an excellent season is expected, so as to better the past years’ vintage.

Do Almansa comienza la vendimia en septiembre

After the significant rainfall, most of the vineyards have resisted the impact. However, it is too soon to assess the damage, and the climatic conditions need to improve in order to diminish their repercussion on the grapes. The grapes’ quality remains intact nonetheless, so there is the conviction that exceptional wines will be produced this season.

Denomination of Origin Almansa President Adolfo Cano has stated that, regardless of the rain, “grapes have barely suffered, which is great news”. He explained that the roads near the vineyards have sustained heavy damage, but “that will not menace the harvest as long as the weather improves over the next weeks”.

HQ badly damaged

With the grapes mostly unaffected, rains wrought havoc in our HQ, located in the Hermitage of St. Blaise, in the old, historic district of Almansa. Unfortunately, damage has been severe, but we are putting the best of our efforts to overcome this sad event and to return as strong as ever.


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