blanco do almansa para refrescarte este verano con tus amigos

DO Almansa wines, the best way to have fun and refresh this summer

This hot season, the best way to enjoy a perfect night with your partner, to chill or to entertain your friends will surely be linked to any white, rosé or red wine from our Denomination of Origin Almansa.

In summer, white and rosé help our body fight the high temperatures due to their aroma and fresh flavor. Crisp, light, Almansa‑produced Verdejo, Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay are gallant companions for summer dinners, also fitting if there is shellfish on the table.

rosado Do Almansa para disfrutar este verano como si fuera una golosina

Besides, DO Almansa white wines are a safe bet to accompany light meals such as fish, salads, or as an appetizer paired with any type of cheese. Rosé wines are equally apt for every kind of soirée, or, why not, may be enjoyed as a dessert, exactly like candy we taste on a summer vacation. Let’s not forget a summer staple: cool Andalusian gazpacho and a glass of rosé is a wonderful combination as an appetizer when you are in the beach.

Vino tinto de DO Almansa para degustar tu carne favorita en una barbacoa

However, if you want to prepare a BBQ party, DO Almansa red wine is essential to accompany the meat you are going to grill. Garnacha Tintorera is a guarantee of success, therefore our red wines are the best match to enjoy your favorite meat. Denomination of Origin Almansa encourages you to enjoy our great variety of white, rosé and red wines and to toast to (and with) them this summer.

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