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Denomination of Origin Almansa organizes a reverse action with importers of Germany and Russia

German and Russian importers visited the Denomination of Origin Almansa production area from 19 to 22 June.

Such an event had never been held before, but it has come with magnificent prospects as far as these two countries are concerned, especially after the visits, showrooms and tasting activities have brought some high profile trade agreements between these countries, the wineries and our DO Almansa.

visitas a los viñedos de las bodegas de DO Almansa en accion inversa

Those present had the opportunity to know the production area across the eight municipalities included in our DO and to confirm the top quality of our wines. The importers experienced some of our traditions and tasted our most typical dishes as well.

The event was launched on 19 June in DO Almansa headquarters, and our guests were also greeted by the mayor of Almansa, Javier Roselló, and the Tourism councilman, Alfredo Calatayud.

presentacion accion inversa con importadores rusos y alemanes DO Almansa

Customized showroom

One of the highlights of this reverse action took place on 20 June in the showroom organized by DO Almansa and held at Hotel Blu, where the importers tasted all our wines privately. After the first contact, our guests visited the vineyards in our production area to know our lands, our climate and our work as winegrape growers.

To accompany our wines, the region’s most characteristic dishes, gazpacho manchego among them, played a fundamental role. These activities were carried out hand in hand with bits of local culture, including guided tours along the Almansa Castle and the Battle of Almansa Museum, two iconic features in our area that help understand our wines’ DNA.

Visita al castillo de Almansa en accion inversa junio 2019

Great results, aiming at 2020

Despite being our first event of this kind, the outcome has been exceptional. Our chairman, Adolfo Cano, has labeled these action as “another step forward for DO Almansa, one which gives us the upper hand in two big countries”.

“The importers have indeed showed their surprise by the quality of our wines and are eager to take them to outlets in Germany and Russia”. Besides, our wines’ standard was described as “unique and particular”. Adolfo Cano has also confirmed that, after such a positive conclusion to this reverse action, “we will assess the possibility of setting up similar actions next year with other guest countries”.

Our Denomination of Origin’s slogan, “The elevation of the senses”, reached its full meaning during these past few days, as German and Russian importers have understood and enjoyed the best of DO Almansa and the distinctness of its wines.

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