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Do Almansa organizes a Reverse Action with importers from Switzerland and united kingdom

Denomination of Origin Almansa has carried out, during this past week, a new Reverse Action to receive importers from the United Kingdom and Switzerland. During these three days of activities, importers will be able to get to know our production area, our wines and wineries with the aim of closing important business deals.

It was during the first day when importers were received at the headquarters of Denomination of Origin Almansa. The event, which was also attended by public authorities, offered a representation of local gastronomy paired with a selection of D.O. Almansa wines.

On the second day, at the Spa Hotel Blu in Almansa, one of the key moments of this Reverse Action was organized. First thing in the morning, the wineries were able to present privately and individually to each of the importers the best selection of their wines.

Afterwards, a lunch was held between importers and representatives of the wineries and D.O. Almansa. Once again, a selection of our gastronomy and wines was tasted. On Wednesday, the importers visited the different wineries of the D.O. Almansa that
participated in this Reverse Action. In this way, they were able to see the wineries’ facilities, as well as the production and winemaking area.

Adolfo Cano, president of Denomination of Origin Almansa, has highlighted the importance of launching again this Reverse Action three years of absence after the first edition that took place in 2019 with German and Russian importers. “Launching again this type of action that assigns so much value to us internationally was very important in 2022. Now we only hope that the importers took away a very good impression of our DO Almansa, the characteristics of our production area and, above all, on how our wines can enamor the customers they have both in Switzerland and the UK.”

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