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The DO Almansa production area reaches the veraison stage in good health: the countdown to harvest begins!

The production area of Denomination of origin Almansa continues to evolve positively in these last stages prior to the arrival of the 2022 harvest. In the last days of July and first days of August, the clusters of our vineyards have begun to veraison, one of the most important preliminary stages for the development of the grapes before the harvest.

It is in this phase known as veraison that the grape clusters begin to acquire reddish, bluish and violet tones, leaving behind the green color of the previous fruiting phase. Thus, we can conclude that veraison is the turning point for the grapes to begin to ripen and acquire the tone they need for their optimum development.

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Harvest 2022 has excellent prospects

As it happened in 2020, taking into account the rains that took place during the months of March and April and the increase in temperatures that have been registered in the last weeks, all the requirements to foresee an excellent harvest in the D.O. Almansa production areas are met.

What is important for the month of August ahead of us is that the weather is respectful and that we do not have to regret any type of rain or storm of greater intensity that could disrupt the evolution of our vineyards throughout the year.

In this sense, Adolfo Cano, president of our Denomination of Origin Almansa, explains that in 2022, “the prospects for the outcome of the harvest are very positive knowing the health that now has practically all our production area”.

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