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DO Almansa closes 2021 on an unstoppable note: total sales volume grew by 23%

DO Almansa wines continue to grow worldwide at an enviable rate, after closing 2021 with a 23% increase in their marketing value over the previous year. All this in the global context brought about by the pandemic, and despite the fact that the economic marketing total has reached 16.23 million euros in 2021, along with a wine volume of 71,742 hl, 40% more than in 2020.

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These data, which correspond to the closing of the campaign (as of July 31, 2021) put on the table the spectacular projection of the wines of Denomination of Origin Almansa both in Spain and worldwide. In fact, if we look first to Spain, in 2021 there was a significant upturn in the domestic marketing value of our wines, reaching 4.1 million euros, a 62% increase. This figure means that the value of sales at national level already represents 25% of the total marketing value (5% more than in 2020), while that of wine exports to the rest of the world corresponds to 75%, which exceeded 12 million euros.

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Adolfo Cano, president of D.O. Almansa, expressed his satisfaction with these numbers, which show “that the wines from our production area are very serious, reaching more and more consumers around the world and also reinforcing their recognition at national level. The
D.O. Almansa quality seal continues unstoppable and we can already say that we have overcome the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, surpassing the marketing figures prior to the pandemic”.

The European Union, the largest region in the world for D.O. Almansa
The European Union is once again in first place among the importing regions of our wines, after having been in second place for the last two years. This time, the common market already accounts for 42% of the global marketing volume, closely followed by North America, which accounts for 34%, and Asia, with 19.6% of the total. Finland, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Estonia were the countries that bet most on our wines in the European Union.

Canada and China, the largest consumers of D.O. Almansa wine outside the EU

In 2021, Canada repeated, for yet another year, as the largest consumer of D.O. Almansa wine, increasing its marketing volume compared to 2020 by around 2%. Meanwhile, Finland, which has always been a major consumer of our wines, regained second place, followed by​ China, which despite drastically reducing its wine imports in 2020, returned to a record level of imports in 2021. Germany and the United States were the next countries in this “top 5” of the main international markets for wines from our production area.

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An unlimited projection for 2022
From the management of the D.O. Almansa, they value these data as a kind of “return to normality”. The fact is that we have recovered major consumers such as China, and we have also improved in regular customers such as North America and Europe, which is already our main market. In addition, new countries are importing our wines, which shows that the D.O. Almansa seal of quality is stronger than ever and that we are facing 2022 with great enthusiasm, so that our wines will continue to be enjoyed by a greater number of consumers around the world.

The most important result is not only the growth in marketing, but also the increase in the economic value of our wines. Denomination of Origin Almansa has become the best seal of quality for our production area.

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