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The grape harvest season gets underway in DO Almansa with very high quality grapes in the vineyards

The most important moment of the year in the Denominación de Origen Almansa production area began in September.

Experts and professionals predict that the quality of the grapes is excellent. All in all, the wines resulting from this vintage are expected to be of a fantastic standard.

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During this first phase of the 2021 harvest, initial estimates suggest that all types of grapes, especially our most important variety, Garnacha Tintorera, are at an optimum level of ripeness and quality. The main difference with respect to the previous year is the lower quantity of grapes, after a year in which a historic level was achieved due to the heavy rains that took place during the first half of 2020.

In these early stages of the grape harvest, the rain has also made its presence felt in areas of Almansa, Alpera and Higueruela, even causing minor flooding of some plots, which has sometimes meant that the grape harvest has had to be postponed.

Adolfo Cano, president of DO Almansa, stressed that the 2021 harvest “points to a good result in terms of quality, but there will be a drop in production that in some areas of our region will reach 40%”. We hope that this fact “can be cushioned by the slight increase in the price of grapes”

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Moreover, all this suggests that our Garnacha Tintorera and the rest of the grapes “are in perfect condition to ensure that the wines from this vintage will be very well received when they are released on the national and international markets”.

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