adolfo cano presidente do almansa

Adolfo Cano, re-elected president of DO Almansa until 2025

Adolfo Cano, has been re-elected again as president of our Denominación de Origen Almansa until 2025.

On Tuesday 15 June, the Board of Directors of Denominación de Origen Almansa and representatives of all the wineries met at the Almansa headquarters in order to assess the promotional activities that have started in 2021 and how the second half of the year will be organised.

adolfo cano reelegido presidente do almansa

The most important point of our meeting was the renewal of positions of our DO Almansa, where Adolfo Cano, president since 2017, was again re-elected along with the outgoing Board of Directors who will also continue working for the next four years.

Adolfo Cano has taken stock of all this time at the head of Denominación Origen Almansa, in which they have managed to “carry out the challenges we had set ourselves in 2017, especially with the implementation of promotional activities at an international level”. In addition, Cano stated that the most immediate objective for DO Almansa is to “launch the Almansa Wine Route project by 2022.

Finally, Adolfo Cano also summarised the main objectives until 2025 as being that “DO Almansa should continue with this trend of growth in all our bottling and marketing levels, with our sights set on promotional activities both in Spain and the rest of the world”.

adolfo cano presidente do almansa

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