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The Almansa Wine Route presents its Feasibility Study for its launch in 2022

The Almansa Wine Route is one step closer to becoming a reality.

On the morning of 15th June, the Almansa Tourist Office hosted the presentation of the Feasibility Study for the constitution of the Almansa Wine Route, in an event in which the company in charge of the study and fine-tuning of the project, “Castro Consulting”, presented the results of the work carried out over the last few months and with which it is hoped that this project will become a reference point for wine tourism in Castilla-La Mancha. This feasibility study has been subsidised by Ceder Monte Ibérico – Corredor de Almansa, while the management company has been Castro Consulting.

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The Wine Route expects to be officially certified in 2022

During the event we had the representatives of the sectors that will participate in the Almansa Wine Route, which is currently in a state of constitution, and at a time when work is being done to consolidate its formation. The next step is that, before the end of the year, the association of the route will be created in 2021 so that it will be officially ready in 2022. In this way, it will be possible to attend the main wine and tourism events that take place in our country.

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This morning’s event in Almansa was attended by representatives of all the members of the project, including DO Almansa wineries, restaurants, accommodation, leisure companies, gourmet establishments and cultural associations. Javier Sánchez Roselló, Mayor of Almansa, opened the event and expressed his support for the creation of this route, which will be named after the city of Almansa. The councillor for tourism, Alfredo Calatayud, also took part and spoke.

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Four years of work with the sectors involved

Denominación de Origen Almansa has worked hard over the last four years to encourage and promote the constitution of this route, knowing that the union of all these sectors, together with the unique character of the wines from our production area, are assets that can achieve official certification of the route in 2022. the aim will be to promote our production area and the great gastronomic, tourist and oenological offer. From now on, we will continue to work to establish the route as an association and next year the Almansa Wine Route will be part of the routes of Castilla la Mancha. 

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“The Almansa Wine Route, a project we are very excited about”.

The president of our DO Almansa, Adolfo Cano, closed the event that took place in Almansa, which he described as “the prelude to the launch of this project in which both the wine sector and all those who will form part of the Almansa Wine Route are so excited”. After the event, a wine was offered to the attendees and a toast was made to the fact that soon we will be able to be constituted and work in the line of promotion and consolidation of the route.

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