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DO Almansa successfully closes its first international event of 2021 in Chengdu, with a great reception for our wines and the Garnacha Tintorera variety

Denominación de Origen Almansa shines at the first international event of the year in Chengdu (China).

In a promotional action in which the wineries of our production area presented their wines to importers and distributors telematically, the Garnacha Tintorera was the main attraction for those attending the event, who welcomed with great interest this presentation in which the wines were tasted accompanied by the commercial representatives of the wineries with a telematic showroom.

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DO Almansa in full colour

The event took place this past Tuesday 12 May at the Kempinski Hotel in Chengdu. With a total duration of 4 hours, it was presented by the local sommelier Xu Shuai. It was the perfect occasion to resume the international actions that promote the DO Almansa quality figure and the wines of its wineries, with a great success of attendance and reception by Chinese importers and distributors.

DO Almansa and the wineries have highlighted the seal of quality that the Garnacha Tintorera gives us. This characteristic is one of the most valued by the Chinese market and consumers, who are committed to differentiation when it comes to consumption, and it is here where DO Almansa wines are synonymous with a safe bet.

Wines from DO Almansa wineries are very well received 

The event, which began with a first masterclass session emphasising the hallmarks of DO Almansa and the characteristics of the wines, then gave way to virtual B2B meetings with attendees from the wineries via screens to discuss the wines and the values of our land with distributors and importers, tasting a selection of the best wines from each winery.

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Adolfo Cano, president of DO Almansa, has valued as “excellent news” the fact of having been able to hold such an event in the Asian country, highlighting the naturalness with which the wineries have been able to complete the event with the support of the Chinese professionals who organised the event in Chengdu. The important thing, says Cano, “is that the objective of awakening the interest of the attendees and distributors in our wines has been achieved”, so the next step “is to formalise relationships with our wineries that can access the Chinese market by closing new business deals with interested customers”. 

Lola Sánchez, CEO of Chinexita, the company in charge of setting up the event, highlighted that the attendees “were surprised by the wide range of wines offered by the DO Almansa, the intensity and the high quality of the wines produced”. In addition, these actions “offer new business opportunities for professionals in the sector in China”.

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