The Almansa Designation of Origin visits Seville to promote its wines

Presentación y cata en Sevilla

Denominación de Origen de Almansa presented the latest novelties of its wines on the 4th of December in Seville. In a public event aimed at the professional sector of Seville’s hotel and catering trade, the successful track record of the Almansa D.O. in the wine sector in recent years was presented. The attendees had the opportunity to learn about its philosophy and the main competitive advantages of its wineries.

The event took place at the Casa Regional de Castilla La Mancha in Seville, in support of the gastronomic and cultural riches of its place of origin. The members of this House were invited to join the event on a second occasion, to enjoy an evening based on quality, tradition and origin.

After the premiere of its latest promotional video for the presentation of the Almansa Denomination of Origin as a wine-growing area in expansion, the representative wines of the varieties of its production area were presented, young reds, crianzas and reserves as well as the fresh whites of the year, the knowledge of the method of elaboration of the different types and their peculiarities, were the success of this presentation among the attendees.

do almansa en sevilla


With just 12 Bodegas, the Almansa Denominación de Origen is one of Spain’s newest wine regions. In the province of Castilla La Mancha, at 700m altitude and with a continental climate, its vineyards are centred around the small town of Almansa, famous for its gastronomy and its recent Michelin Stars.

With more than 50 years of experience, the wines of the D.O. Almansa have won multiple national and international awards in the most prestigious competitions. The quality of its wines, produced in the region for centuries, is also endorsed by the international success of its products. More than 70% of its production is sold abroad, in more than 80 countries that appreciate well-balanced and rounded wines at a good price.

The new proposal of the D.O. Almansa wines

The wines of the D.O. Almansa have launched several new proposals for the gastronomy of our country. The wines, still little known, represent a novelty for curious customers and wine lovers. Their star is the native Garnacha Tintorera grape, a unique variety that stands out for its flavour and intense, concentrated ruby colour. It allows the production of fruity and balanced wines, making it the perfect pairing for traditional and modern gastronomy.

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The wines of the D.O. Almansa have an excellent quality-price ratio, making them the best option for all types of businesses and customers. Ready to continue offering new surprising gastronomic proposals, the Almansa Denomination of Origin continues to focus on aspects such as quality to achieve excellence in the body, aroma and flavour of its wines.

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