comercializacion do almansa 2020

Do Almansa manages to maintain national and international marketing data, improving its economic value in 2020.

Denominación de Origen Almansa overcomes a difficult year on a national and international level with flying colours, after managing to increase its worldwide economic value by almost 1%, reaching over 12.4 million euros.

In addition, consumption of wines from our production area in Spain has grown by 23% compared to 2019.

Adolfo Cano, manager of DO Almansa, has valued the importance of this figure in a difficult year, but in which the milestone of “increasing the economic value of the sales of our wines has been achieved, which means that DO Almansa continues to grow as a quality label, adding value to our wines and a higher price both in the national and international market”.

valor economico de DO almansa a nivel mundial 2

Canada is once again the world’s largest consumer of our wines.

Once again this year, Canada is once again the largest consumer of Almansa Denomination of Origin wines in the world, in a podium of consumer countries completed by Finland and Germany. On the other hand, the Chinese market (and therefore the Asian market), which suffered from the months of total closure of its economy abroad, reduced imports of our wines, although despite this they are still one of the main destinations for our wines, only surpassed by the United States and the three aforementioned countries.

North America, our best global customer

The pandemic has not prevented North America from repeating as the world’s largest region for DO Almansa wines, reaching a volume of 12,128 hl. However, the European Union regained the second place it had lost in 2019, after purchasing 11,142hl, beating Asia again, with 4,650 hl.

Finland, the favourite destination for our wines in Europe

Turning to Europe, Finland has regained the privilege of being the main destination for our wines in 2020, once again overtaking Germany, which has been the second destination for our imports. On this occasion, Latvia has been the surprise that has become the third country that has achieved the highest number of imports of our wines, a place hitherto occupied by Holland.

Despite the pandemic, DO Almansa continues to grow worldwide

All in all, Adolfo Cano highlighted the value of achieving these sales figures in such a turbulent 2020. “We have managed to remain strong in the most important wine markets around the world, as well as growing in economic value, a fact that recognises the great added value of our area”. Furthermore, we must not lose sight of the fact that our wines have also managed to reach new countries, which means “new and excellent business opportunities” for our DO Almansa in the coming years.

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