I salon de vinos almansa

A resounding success at the first edition of the Almansa Wine Lounge

Over 500 people, including distributors, wine-tasters and businesses attended the first edition of the Almansa Wine Lounge organized by the Almansa Denomination of Origin (D.O. Almansa) with a stellar attendance and great participation at the Gran Hotel de Albacete.

The event marks the first edition of the D.O Almansa Almansa Wine Lounge and was held in Albacete; the region the vineyards are located. The event was set up with the aim of showcasing the wines and products of the 12 bodegas that make up the Almansa Denomination of Origin.

The president of the D.O. Almansa, Adolfo Cano, and the journalist Vicente Casal opened the celebrations and the group wine tasting, putting emphasis on the region’s culture, the winemaking traditions and the economic engine that the 12 bodegas and the whole region profit from.

The Almansa Wine Lounge consisted of a showroom featuring wine stands from each of the 12 bodegas of the Almansa Wine Region, focused mainly on distributors and catering companies, with the aim of increasing the brand image in the sector and to create “more than one reference on the wine lists of the restaurants up and down the region”, explained the spokesperson of the Almansa Denomination of Origin during the presentation.

The public wine tasting was finished with a speech by the president of the Almansa Denomination of Origin, his oenologist, and the owner of each of the 12 bodegas. What stood out most in these speeches were the grape varieties of Garnacha Tintorera y de Monastrell, which have become the symbol of the region, representing the most authentic and characteristic grapes of the region.

After the opportunity to enjoy the wines of Almansa Denomination of Origin, the dinner began at the Don Gil de Albacete restaurant, where food served was especially selected and prepared to match each of the wines selected by the 12 bodegas of the region.

The event was created thanks to the hard work of D.O. Almansa and will now mark an essential date on the calendar to showcase the unique character of the wines of the Almansa terroir, which is made up of 750 winemakers dedicated to growing the very best grapes, the 12 bodegas, and the 7000 hectares of land.

Since its creation in 1966, D.O Almansa has established a wine region synonymous with excellence, with the aim of showcasing the special characteristics of the wines created in this region, situated at over 700m above sea-level, and the most easterly of the Spanish province of Castille.

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