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The Almansa Denominación de Origen travels to Seville to promote its wines

A launch and a tasting of wines from the Almansa Denominación de Origen

The Almansa Denominación de Origen presented its latest wines in Seville on 4 December. The way that D.O. Almansa wines have come on in recent years was displayed at a public event aimed at Seville’s wine and restaurant professionals. Those in attendance had the chance to get to know the philosophy behind the wines and their main competitive advantages.



The event took place in the Casa Regional (Regional Centre) of Castilla La Mancha in Seville, which celebrates the gastronomic and cultural treasures of its home region. The members of the Casa were invited to attend at a second showing, so that they could enjoy an evening of quality, tradition and the taste of home.

After the premiere of the new film showing how the Almansa Denominación de Origen is a wine region on the up, a series of wines that represent the region and its grape varieties was served. These, ranging from young red wines, oak-aged crianzas and older reservas to fresh white wines from this year’s harvest, along with the explanations of how the different styles are made and how each needs its own special handling, were the hit of the evening.


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The Almansa Denominación de Origen

Consisting of just 12 wineries, the Almansa Denominación de Origen is one of the most recent wine regions in Spain to appear on the map. It is in the province of Castilla La Mancha, sitting at an altitude of 700 m and enjoying a continental climate.

The quality of the wines is shown by their success on the international market. Over 70% of the wine is exported, selling in over 80 countries.

D.O. Almansa, for those looking to explore wines from further afield

The wines of D.O. Almansa, still relatively unknown, are a treasure trove for wine lovers and those willing to explore further afield in the search for something out of the ordinary. The star of the show is the signature local grape variety Garnacha Tintorera, a grape that stands out for both its flavours and intense, concentrated ruby red colour. It is perfect for making well-balanced wines with good fruit concentration.

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D.O. Almansa wines are excellent value for money, and are well-suited to all sorts of establishments and consumers, particularly those who like quality wines that offer good body, heady aromas and also taste great.

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