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The Second D.O. Almansa Wine Salon

Last week the Second D.O. Almansa Wine Salon took place at the Hotel Iberostar Las Letras Gran Vía in Madrid, organized jointly with “Mi Vino” magazine. The Almansa regulatory authority (Denominación de Origen or D.O.) was there to display the twelve wineries that make up the D.O. along with their quality wines.

Over the course of a day in which over 600 visitors were welcomed, D.O. Almansa was proud to put on show the distinctive qualities of the wines from the region, born of the landscape in which the grapevines grow and where they give fruit to the distinctive native grape varieties of the area.

As well as learning more about a wine region that is increasingly on the map, the members of the trade, distributors, specialist journalists and members of the general public who attended were treated to a tasting of wines from the DO’s wineries and able to savour their unique qualities.

DO Almansa

The Almansa Denominación de Origen is one of the smallest wine appellations in Spain, comprising just 12 bodegas or wineries. These wines are enjoyed in over 20 countries around the world, as over 80% of the wine made here is exported to a range of countries, including Japan, China, Canada and the USA. Though these wines can be a bit of a hidden secret in Spain itself, wine has been made here for centuries, and they offer a delightful find for the food and wine lover who looks beyond the usual suspects routinely lined up on wine lists.

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