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How to pair DO Almansa wines to succeed this Christmas

At this time of the year we have many Christmas lunches and dinners planned so it’s essential to get the most appropriate wine on each occasion.

Wines that are DO Almansa are a sure bet for the great variety of possibilities that they offer and for their power to satisfy even the most refined noses and palates. Among the types of D.O. Almansa wines, we can find anything from young white and rosé wine, aged red, reserva and gran reserva.

The key to getting the wines right at each Christmas event depends not only on the variety of grape and type of wine you choose, but also on how you pair it. Therefore, we give you some recommendations to know exactly how to pair your DO Almansa wines with the Christmas meals that tend to be on our tables during these holidays.

Do Almansa Red Wines pairing

Wines made with Garnacha Tintorera, so characteristic of the DO Almansa, are perfect for very tasty or powerful meat dishes. They fit perfectly with sheep’s cheese and to accompany vegetables such as pepper and eggplant.

The Monastrell grape variety produces high quality wines. They are often red or sweet wines that are usually associated with the appetizer or the dessert. Pairing it with the traditional nougat so typical during these Christmas holidays, usually tends to give very good results. Speaking of appetizers or starters, this wine variety is also ideal for pairing with foie grass or with cheeses, especially the uncured ones and made out of sheep’s milk. This grape variety offers very versatile wines, so if you want it to be part of the main dishes, you can also pair it with grilled red meats or lamb stew.

Merlot wines are a perfect match with sweets such as quince, chocolate fondant or even the traditional Miguelitos de La Roda.

The Syrah variety makes spicy wines with great flavor, ideal for entertaining Christmas appetizers with strong cheeses such as goat cheese, Roquefort, Gouda, Parmeggiano or Gorgonzola. It also triumphs in meals accompanying the main dish if it is fatty fish such as salmon or meats flavored with herbs and other spices.

The Cabernet Sauvignon gives high quality wines very appropriate to accompany with game meats, especially if they are prepared on the grill or in barbecues. The Petit Verdot, on the other hand, pairs perfectly with cold meats or seafood so typical at this time of the year. In the case of sausages, the salty touch is more evident with these acid flavored wines.

DO Almansa White Wines Pairing

Chardonnay grape wines are the best choice when you serve white wines at parties, since this type of grape makes quality and finesse wines with which you will not fail for the Christmas toasts. They also pair wonderfully with seafood or with more risky choices like tartar or tataki.

Sauvignon Blanc wines are good companions for starters such as salads, from Caesar-style salads to fruit salads. But they also pair well with creamy and fatty cheeses, since acid wines contrast perfectly with cheeses such as ricotta, brie or camembert.

The Verdejo is a grape that results in wines with ideal aromatic volume to go along with all kinds of fish, especially those with a mild flavor. They also pair very well with seafood, especially if it’s steamed. Also, if you like sushi, the –Verdejo pairs perfectly.

With which DO Almansa wines will you accompany your family meals this Christmas?

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