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DO Almansa exported almost 40% of its wines to North America in 2018

Denomination of Origin Almansa has ended its commercial year with excellent results in the overseas market yet again: almost 70% of bottles were sold abroad.

As shown by our wineries’ global data for 2017-18 (as of July 31, 2018), North America (the U.S.A. and Canada amongst the involved countries) is the top importing region of DO Almansa wines, buying a 39,39% of our bottles and overtaking the EU and Asia, which account for a 31,95% and a 23,95% respectively. Thus, DO Almansa wines consumed out of Spain make up for a 68,04% of the total export.

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Regarding our wines’ highest buying countries, Canada sits at the top with 7055,66 Hl (hectoliters), followed by China (4750,80 Hl) and Finland (3144,35 Hl). The U.S.A. and Germany are the other two countries that round up the five top importers. Therefore, our wineries consolidate their international presence that spans more than 40 years and grows especially in Asia, where China and Japan have become two of the powerhouses which recognize the quality of our wines.

Finland ranks first in Europe

In the EU, second best market for our Designation of Origin wines, the highest buying countries are Finland, Germany and Estonia (3144,35 and 2028,89 Hl respectively for the two former). With regard to white wines, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany rank highest, whereas Finland, Germany and Estonia are the red wine best buyers. Rosé is very well accepted in Germany and the Netherlands.

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Overall, red wines make up for the 83,87% of bottles consumed in the EU, while white wines represent the 14,71% and rosé, 0,014%. DO Almansa’s total market value for the EU is €2.031.461 (25435,01 Hl for the whole region). The two highest Non-EU importers are Switzerland and Russia.

47009,48 Hl marketed in total

During this year, DO Almansa has grouped 760 viticulturists across 7.200 hectares and 12 wineries. Between Spain and the rest of the world, €10.048.304 has been the turnover for our DO. Export has been the main source, since the domestic market represented just over 30% of the global value. Exterior markets have reached more than €7,7 millions, which is equal to 69,77% of the 2017-18 total value.D

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