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Higueruela, one of the towns that make up the production area of the Denomination of Origin Almansa, has more than 150 years of winemaking tradition with the Garnacha Tintorera as its most representative symbol.

The Higueruela of the 21st century cannot be understood without the colour and the life achieved by its vineyards during a large part of the year, with the wind parks of the surrounding area as spectators.

Higueruela accounts for approximately 25% of the surface area of our Designation of Origin vineyards, out of a total of 7,200 hectares. In this production area, the Garnacha Tintorera is the main variety of grape cultivated, with trellis and goblet vines in a large part of the area. In addition to the Garnacha Tintorera, the vineyards of the city are also home to other types of grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Monastrell or Verdejo, although with much less presence.

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Adolfo Cano, President of Designation of Origin Almansa, highlights the importance of Higueruela in the heart of the production area, alongside Almansa and Alpera, “as it is an excellent location for the Garnacha Tintorera to develop at its maximum splendour, giving rise to wines that are a reference in many countries around the world”.

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Adolfo Cano points out that if there is one characteristic that makes “Higueruela wines stand out” it is “the height above sea level”. The thermal contrast caused by the altitude of between 900 and 1,100 metres, with warm temperatures during the day and cold at night, is key to the cultivation and development of Garnacha Tintorera. Special mention should be made of the natural area of the Salobralejo Lagoon, where the contrast provided by the water and the surrounding vineyards leaves us with a unique natural context, which also serves as a nesting ground for many species of birds in the area.

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Higueruela is synonymous with tradition, history and wine culture, as wine and the town have gone hand in hand since the nineteenth century, with the launch of the first winery in the town in 1860. Today, after more than 150 years and with the town integrated with the quality seal of our denomination of origin, wine continues to be a motor of wealth in the area, being one of the main generators of employment in the town.

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