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The 2022 harvest in the DO Almansa production area is developing with grapes in excellent health.

The production area of Almansa Denomination of Origin has reached the most important moment of the year: the grape harvest. This year the grapes are of the highest quality and health, so it is expected that the wines resulting from this vintage will once again be excellent after a harvest that will last until the last days of October.

In what is the first phase of this harvest that has taken place during the month of September, the result of the harvest days has been that the grapes have an optimum level of ripeness and quality. It is true that it began unevenly in the different areas of Almansa D.O., since in towns such as Almansa or Chinchilla, the harvest is more advanced than in Alpera, Hoya Gonzalo or Higueruela.

It should be noted that the weather is being more respectful than expected. In recent weeks there have been no heavy rains or hail that could damage the state of the grapes, although the weather continues to be watched closely to ensure that the storms that usually occur in autumn do not damage the health of the grapes before they reach the winery. As far as the Garnacha Tintorera is concerned, for the moment it is reaching a good degree of ripeness.

Adolfo Cano, president of Almansa Denomination of Origin, stressed that he expects that “although he expects the harvest to last until the end of October in the whole area”, we believe that “the harvest will bring us incredible wines again and that the grapes are “holding up and ripening very well, so we believe that they will arrive in very good condition to the wineries”.

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