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Once again, Denomination of Origin Almansa has once again increased the value of its wines both nationally and internationally. After closing 2022, D.O. Almansa has seen the marketing value of its wines worldwide reach 16.54 million euros, which is 1.88% more than in 2021.

“The average value of a liter of wine globally increased by 12.5% in 2022.”

This is particularly important in the international context, where the value of D.O. Almansa wine has increased by 21% compared to the previous year, compared to 9.98% in the value of our wines at national level. Exports of our wines at international level account for 77% of the total.

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The E.U. is once again the main destination for our wines.

Also in 2022, the European Union repeats as the main destination for D.O. Almansa wines, accounting for 47.7% of the total number of hectoliters sold in 2022 worldwide. Finland, Germany, Holland, Estonia and Belgium complete the podium of countries importing the largest amount of D.O. Almansa wines in Europe.

Canada and China are once again the largest consumers outside the E.U.

Canada, which once again this year is the largest consumer of D.O. Almansa wine in the world, accounting for more than 28% of the total sales of D.O. Almansa wines, is worth mentioning. Meanwhile, Finland, which has increased its import of hl of wine compared to 2020, accounts for 18% of the total, along with China, which accounts for 14%. These three countries together account for 60% of the hectoliters of wine sold worldwide.

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An unlimited projection for 2023

Adolfo Cano, president of D.O. Almansa, has positively assessed this year’s marketing results, where we have seen “an important growth in the economic value of our wines outside Spain”. In addition, according to Cano, it is also important to take into account that “our main markets continue to consume our wines as they have done in recent years, in addition to the fact that Europe continues to be a safe value for D.O. Almansa wines, together with China and Canada, which has always been one of our main importers”.

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