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DO Almansa finished March in style after promotional activity in Castile–La Mancha and attending the Spanish Viticulture Regulatory Agency (CECRV) general assembly

DO Almansa have put in a great effort last March, from wineries and from management, as we took part in some of the top events in and outside our region.

Firstly, at provincial level, we attended the II Vinodiversidad fair held in Albacete, in which the climate change and its effects on wineries were thoroughly discussed. Our CEO Adolfo Cano reflected on the presence of DO Almansa in this event “to learn, to keep our wineries involved so as to emphasize the importance of climate change in our wines’ future, and to deal with its consequences.”

Adolfo Cano en Jornadas Vinodiversidad de Albacete

Our DO’s wines also attended the Castile–La Mancha wine tasting gala, which took place in Iniesta (CU) in late March, in order to show the young people some of the region’s DO wines.

Catas vino de Castilla La Mancha probando DO Almansa

Regarding Designation of Origin Almansa wineries, some of them were present at the Düsseldorf Prowein fair, one of the world’s top-class, where our wines were lauded by customers, visitors and importers from all around the globe. Moreover, our wines were awarded three prizes in the Bacchus 2019 gala, a most significant Spanish fair.

One of DO Almansa’s wineries hosted a promotional action: a master class led by sommelier José Joaquín Cortés, an event where our DO’s wines were present indeed.

asamblea general undef almansa 2019

At local level, Almansa organized the UNDEF 2019 national assembly on March 23. DO Almansa HQ hosted the members of the Almansa Town Hall and Almansa’s Comparsas Association, and was the meeting point for so many people who tasted our wines.

Finally, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Denomination of Origin Pla i Llevant, our board of directors represented the DO Almansa in the CECRV XXIII general assembly, held in Majorca from March 28 to March 30. This was the most important event in the Spanish wine industry, as more than thirty DOs are affiliated with the CECRV.


do almansa en mallorca para estar en asamblea general CECRV

During those days, many of the actions to be carried out in 2019 by the consortium were outlined, and the role of the Denominations of Origin was earmarked as “an asset to the territory they represent and a source of socio-economic sustainability in rural circles.” Besides, May 11 was chosen as the date of the III Movimiento Vino DO, to be held all over Spain.

A most frantic March for our brands as they prepare for an event of utter relevance come late April: the commemorative events on the occasion of the Battle of Almansa.

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