Constitución ruta del vino Almansa 7


Last Tuesday 6th July, in the Tourist Office of Almansa, the Founding Assembly for the constitution of the Association “ALMANSA WINE ROUTE” took place.

Some thirty people representing all the sectors that will form part of the route: accommodation, restaurants, travel agencies, active tourism companies, wineries of the Almansa Designation of Origin, political representatives, G.A.L. Monte Ibérico-Corredor de Almansa, made the constitution of this entity possible, which is presented as an opportunity to lead all the sectors based on a common objective: to promote tourism in the D.O. Almansa territory.

First of all, the constitution of the Association “Ruta del Vino Almansa” was made official, whose objective will be the valorisation and promotion of the wine tourism destinations and companies that make it up.  Afterwards, the Statutes were approved by which the Association will be governed throughout its trajectory.

The day continued with the constitution of the Board of Directors. In accordance with its statutes, and through a voting system, the Board of Directors was constituted as follows:

-3 representatives of local councils.
-1 representative of the Monte Ibérico Corredor de Almansa Local Action Group.
-1 representative of the Almansa Designation of Origin.
-1 representative of Wineries.
-1 representative of Accommodation.
-1 representative of Restaurants.
-1 representative of other tourist activities (commerce, active tourism companies, various activities, etc).

Thus, a Board of Directors represented by all the agents involved in the wine tourism activity of the D.O. Almansa territory is formed. A total of 9 members, whose mission will be to work and ensure the smooth running of the Association and the promotion of tourism in the region.

Afterwards, and by unanimous vote of the Assembly, the President was elected, a position which fell to the representative of the Almansa Designation of Origin, Mr. Adolfo Cano López. In a brief speech he expressed his satisfaction, after years of work, for the constitution of the “Almansa Wine Route Association”, thanking the effort and commitment of all the sectors involved in wine tourism in the region. He added that from now on, with the election of the Board of Directors, a working team will be formed, whose main objective will be to promote and publicise the charming places of this route, achieving the differentiation and enhancement of the singularities that the Almansa Wine Route has to offer.

Having closed all the points on the Agenda, the Association begins its life cycle, where it can be affirmed with certainty that the Almansa Wine Route is already a reality.

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