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D.O. Almansa finished 2021 with a historical bottling level of 7.5 million bottles sold, 12% more than the previous year

One more year, Denomination of Origin Almansa achieved historical bottling sales figures, with a 12% increase compared to 2020. Demand and the usual sales rate, which had slowed due to the pandemic, has recovered, reaching 7.5 million bottles of wine sold worldwide.

In this way, and after exceeding 6 million bottles sold in 2019 and that in 2020 our D.O. continued to grow, “we have obtained our goal of exceeding 7 million bottles of wine by 2021”, explains Adolfo Cano, D.O. Almansa´s president.

This sustainable growth of bottled wine from our D.O. Almansa, which already accumulates an increase in sales of more than 41% since 2016, demonstrates the unstoppable progression of our wines in the national and international market, where they are increasingly recognized.

bottles wine do almansa

For all that, thanks to the great success of the wines made from our local grape varieties, such as Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell. In this context, with the incorporation of new technologies in the elaboration process of our wines and the involvement and professionalism of our winemakers and oenologists, D.O. Almansa has managed to exceed the threshold of 7 million bottles sold worldwide during 2021.

In addition, from Denomination of Origin Almansa we face 2022 with great enthusiasm, in which we will continue working to carry out interesting promotional activities at national and international level to continue expanding horizons and new clients. Also, from the management of our production area we are also committed to be always present at events and development conferences within the sector.

Aiming for 8 million bottles by 2022.

Adolfo Cano bets positively for the next campaign, “we are sure that we will be able to reach our objectives and continue growing thanks to the great work being done by all the professionals who make up the day to day of this D.O. Almansa”.

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