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DO Almansa wines around the world

Wine lovers and wine experts have long been aware that the Almansa region is ideally suited to the production of fine wines. In 2015, DO Almansa hit the landmark production figure of 3 million bottles per year. And only 30% of that is sold domestically within Spain.

We have over thirty years’ experience exporting our wine, as exporting was adopted as the core strategy of DO Almansa in the 1960s, when it emerged as one of the first Spanish DOs to focus on the international export market. Export volumes for last year reached 30,532 hl, over 70% of total production, representing sales revenue of 7,482,403 €. Germany and Finland are the main European markets. Beyond the EU, the leading markets are Canada, the USA and Asia, the latter especially having grown significantly in recent years.

Our wines have succeeded in establishing themselves as market leaders among Spanish wines in over 40 export markets, with Canada and Finland as the principal destination countries. In Finland we are firmly established as a leading wine region, despite stiff competition in this country of enthusiastic wine-drinkers. In Canada, which is a highly important market, with a very modern and sophisticated wine trade, our wines are well-established both in terms of prestige and sales, having won over the most demanding palates.

Here at the DO we realize that we are blessed with the finest raw materials so long as these are tended with the care that they deserve. Wine-growing in Almansa is notable for the age of the locality’s vines, for the intense concentration of fruit and the quality of the grapes, for the altitude of its vineyards and for the particular local climate (with its exceptionally low levels of rainfall), which together give rise to very full-bodied wines, with good tannin levels and exquisite aromas.

The wines of the Almansa DO are unique, highly expressive fine wines that are very competitive in the market place, due both to the special qualities of our indigenous grape varieties (Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell) and also to the wines’ overall image, quality and price.

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