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    The geographical area covered by the Denomination of Origin Almansa is a plateau that touches the borders in the east, across the so-called Almansa corridor, to the old Kingdom of Valencia...

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  • Climatology


    The climate of Almansa is somewhat less extreme than in La Mancha, but the summers are also very hot, with temperatures easily reaching 40 degrees C....

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  • History


    Viticulture around Almansa has developed continuously since the sixteenth century. This wine region, located about 700 m above sea level, is the easternmost of Castilla-La Mancha...

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  • The twelve DO Almansa wineries

    The Almansa Denominación de Origen was established in 1966 and stretches eastwards in Albacete province, encompassing 8 boroughs, with 7,600 hectares (some 19,000 acres) under vine. It currently consists of 750 winegrowers and twelve wineries that, over the course of 2015, produced 62,553 hectolitres (1,652,475......

  • 50 years of D.O. Almansa

    As 50 years mark the creation of the Designation of Origin of Almansa, we look back at what happened before the year 1966 and that led us to become what we are today, as well as the process of adjustment we underwent when becoming a......

  • Alaya among the top 100 wines of the world

    This ranking represents the excellence of the Spanish landraces, positioning Alaya (Designation of Origin Almansa) second among the 100 best in the world. It is great news for our wines as this ranking shows only a dozen Spanish wines. Alaya is the fruit of excellent......


    “FENAVIN is the most important trade fair for Spanish wine.” This is how the daily journal ELPAIS defines it in its business supplement, and ICEX sustains the same in a value report on FENAVIN 2013. This is also the image perceived by the Spanish wineries......

  • DO Almansa creates The Wine Route of Almansa

    The Wine Route of Almansa has been created to present our wines and wineries from the Denomination of Origin Almansa, as a project in collaboration with the Tourist Office of Almansa, During the guided tours you can learn about the winemaking process, get to know......

  • DO Almansa de Gala en Londres

    La Denominación de Origen Almansa se viste de gala para presentar nuestros vinos en un lugar tan glamoroso como la embajada Española de Londres, Reino Unido.   El evento tuvo lugar el jueves 27 de noviembre, donde el presidente de la Denominación de Origen Almansa,......

  • DO Almansa very present in the town’s Main Festivals

    The town of Almansa celebrated between 30 April and 6 May, the Fiestas Mayores (Main Festivals) in honour of its Patron Saint, the Virgin de Belén. These celebrations, which were declared in 1999 of Regional Tourist Interest, and of National Tourist Interest in 2008, are......

  • DO Almansa wines around the world

    Wine lovers and wine experts have long been aware that the Almansa region is ideally suited to the production of fine wines. In 2015, DO Almansa hit the landmark production figure of 3 million bottles per year. And only 30% of that is sold domestically......

  • Environmental conditions of D.O. Almansa

    Located in the east portion of the Castile-La Mancha province of Albacete is the Designation of Origen Almansa, on a high plateau positioned between the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Murcia. This curious territorial location makes the climate in the area take on eastern and......

  • The DO Almansa wineries gain recognition for their wines

    In recent years, the wines of DO Almansa have been on everyone’s lips, metaphorically and literally. The wines have fanned the passion of those who already knew the charms of the region, and are gaining new admirers with every glass. 2016 is proving to be......