The climate of Almansa is somewhat less extreme than in La Mancha, but the summers are also very hot, with temperatures easily reaching 40 degrees C.

The climate is continental and the soils are of low fertility with average annual rainfall below 350mm. The low precipitation, the soil permeability and the low production permit us to obtain wines with lots of flavour and colour intensity.

The soil is rich in limestone and poor in organic matter, alternating areas of land with stones and little substrate with more sandy and deep areas.

The altitude of the area ranges between 700 and 1,000 meters above the sea level.

Most of the vineyards are on flat, extended ground, although sometimes you can see vineyards on the slopes of the nearby mountains.

Climatology and wine quality


The semi-arid continental climate of the production area of the DO Almansa, together with a poor soil brings out a natural control of the grape production, which increases the concentration of colour and tannins and gives an aromatic richness to the red wines.


Due to the altitude above sea level, the nocturnal inversion is very pronounced at the time of maturity.


In summary we have ideal conditions for high quality grape production.