The Association of wine producers with Denomination of Origin Almansa is a non-profit entity that is established and governed under the provisions of the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22th of March regulating the right of association and by the Royal decree 1270/2003.

All private persons and societies who own vineyards located in the area of scope may belong to the Association. You must be in possession of the Register of Agricultural Industries and elaborate wine from grapes from the area of influence of this association and/ or store wine produced by wineries in the area of influence. Any application for participation can be expressed in a written request to the President.



Mission of the Regulatory Council


The mission of the Wine Producers Association is the representation, advocacy, assurance, research, development and promotion of the products described in the standards of production



Governing Board


The Governing Board of the DO Almansa is composed of the following members:


Pascual Martinez Vergara, representing Bodegas Almanseñas SL


Cristóbal Gramaje Micó, representing Agrícolas Santa Rosa, SL


Rafael Matías García Beneito

Vice President

Adolfo Cano- Bodegas Cano, S.L.



The objectives of the D.O. Almansa Regulatory Council


The Association aims to achieve the following objectives:

1- Protect the prestige and promotion of the Denomination of Origin “Almansa” and denounce the misuse of it before the competent public administration.

2- To investigate the production and marketing systems and spread their knowledge and application.

3- Develop and propose the production standards of the Denomination of Origin as well as any amendments.